Auto Dosing


The choice and use of chemicals in the laundry process is a key part of producing the best possible wash results at the most efficient price.  Goodman Sparks last supplied laundry chemicals in 2009 but withdrew the range because we were not happy that the quality of the products or the supporting service we were able to offer.  We have built up a reputation as laundry engineers that we are proud of over the last 45 years and did not want to damage this with an inferior detergent range.
Over the last 8 years we have been trialing various products in our own laundries, including the Cleenol range of products for the last 18 months.  We are now happy that we have found a range that produces fantastic quality at a great price.  We are also happy that the technical support and service we can provide in partnership with Cleenol meets the standards our customers have come to expect from Goodman

One Stop Shop

If we already look after your laundry equipment it makes sense for us to also take responsibility for the detergents and dosing equipment.  Any problems will be dealt with us by us rather than you having to go backwards and forwards between our engineers and a 3rd party detergent supplier.

The dosing equipment and the ongoing maintenance are provided free of charge (subject to an agreement to supply detergent).  We provide a 6 monthly service of the equipment including renewal of the dosing tubes to ensure the products are getting through to the washer in the correct quantity.

We’re here to help

If we can help you in any way with your laundry chemical needs then please do get in touch for a friendly chat or to arrange a free site survey.  We will spend time on site carrying out test washes to determine the products required and provide a full costing analysis compared to your current solution.

Whether your concern is the cost of your current products, or the cleanliness of your finished laundry then please call us on 0800 9888058 or email us at