Bars, Restaurant & Catering

Image plays a major role in your food service business, from serving staff to chefs, they are the face of your company and should have uniforms to match.

In today’s market where cost is a major factor more and more companies are creating their own laundries rather than paying to send the uniforms and linen externally.  This gives you direct control over the quality and appearance of your team whilst avoiding missing items and cost of sending your laundry to an external company. Also it enables you to keep a check on the table linen allowing you to make sure you have the right linen for the right job without the worry of relying on someone else to hit their deadline.

Miele also supply a comprehensive range of dishwashers suitable for any size of catering facility and offer an exceptional solution for Bars and Restaurants.

Below are some examples of machines that excel in the catering sector

Small Bars, Restaurant & Catering sites

IPSO Light Washer & Dryer Miele HM16-83 Ironer  Miele PG8056 Speed+ Dishwasher Miele PG8164 Tank Glasswasher Miele Professional Option

Medium Bars, Restaurant & Catering Sites

Girbau HS6008 Washer Gribau ED260 Dryer Electrolux Ironer Miele PG8166 Tank Dishwasher Miele PG8164 Tank Glasswasher Miele Professional Option

Large Bars, Restaurant & Catering Sites

Primus FX135 Washer Huebsch H0350 Dryer Electrolux Ironer Miele PG8166 Tank Dishwasher Miele PG8164 Tank Glasswasher Miele Professional Option