Emergency Services

Gear in the emergency services suffers from a lot of wear and tear due to the demanding conditions and environments endured by the crews.  No matter which part of the emergency services you are from, Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service, Police, Coast Guard or Mountain Rescue, it is essential to keep your equipment in pristine working order.

Having an onsite laundry lets you to treat your equipment with the respect it deserves and allows you to process it as necessary.  This allows you to reproof equipment, wash delicate breathing apparatus and produce a fast efficient turn around without the additional costs of sending your garments out to external cleaning companies.

At Goodman Sparks we can use our 40 year experience to help you find the most viable commercial laundry for your emergency service.

Small Emergency Services sites

Girbau HS6008 Washer Gribau ED260 Dryer Electrolux Ironer Miele PG8056 Speed+ Dishwasher Miele Professional Option

Medium Emergency Services Sites

Electrolux W5105H Washer Electrolux T5250 Dryer Electrolux Ironer Miele PG8166 Tank Dishwasher Miele Professional Option

Large Emergency Services Sites

Primus FX135 Washer Huebsch H0350 Dryer Electrolux Ironer Miele PG8166 Tank Dishwasher Miele Professional Option