Hotel & B&B

Laundries in hotels are becoming more and more popular as hotels look to reduce costs incurred from sending out there laundry to an external company. 

Having your own hotel laundry would put you in charge of your operation, you would no longer have to wait for the long turnaround of a external service company and you can manage your laundry to what is needed at the right time.  Additionally you would be in complete control of the quality control and reduce the risk of lost items in transit. 

The most important part of having your own laundry is the profit this can add to the bottom line allowing you to re-invest the money back in to your hotel.

From Commercial Washing Machines and Commercial Tumble Dryers to Rotary Ironers for finishing your sheets to perfection at Goodman Sparks we have 40 years experience to help you get the most out of your new hotel laundry.

Small Bars, Restaurant & Catering sites

IPSO Light Washer & Dryer Miele HM16-83 Ironer  Miele PG8056 Speed+ Dishwasher Miele PG8164 Tank Glasswasher Miele Professional Option

Medium Bars, Restaurant & Catering Sites

Girbau HS6008 Washer Gribau ED260 Dryer Electrolux Ironer Miele PG8166 Tank Dishwasher Miele PG8164 Tank Glasswasher Miele Professional Option

Large Bars, Restaurant & Catering Sites

Primus FX135 Washer Huebsch H0350 Dryer Electrolux Ironer Miele PG8166 Tank Dishwasher Miele PG8164 Tank Glasswasher Miele Professional Option