Black Friday Offers

14 November 2018


Electrolux myPro Washing Machine we170p/we170v - only £1198 (ex VAT)

Electrolux mypro tumble dryer te1120 - only £875 (ex vat)


Christmas is round the corner and that means we’re nearly at the most anticipated (or dreaded) retail day of the year, Black Friday. At Goodman Sparks, we’re not fans of the hype surrounding the day however we felt we had to join in, everyone else is after all! We know what you’re thinking, commercial laundry equipment isn’t really a Black Friday purchase. You would be correct however you can never be sure when you may require new equipment of your business, maybe the time is now.

Take advantage of our special offers on the Electrolux myPro range now and futureproof your business. Who knows, the money you save investing in new commercial laundry equipment now may come in handy when you’re rushing around your local shopping centre on Christmas Eve. The Electrolux myPro Washer & Dryer provide a robust and cost effective solution to small businesses in need of Semi commercial laundry equipment with WRAS approval. If the price wasn’t already attractive enough, the myPro machines come with a 2 year parts & labour warranty. Meaning you won’t have any laundry worries next Christmas either!

Alongside our Black Friday offer, we also have an array of cut price offers on Miele Professional and other commercial laundry brands. So the myPro might not be suitable for your business however you can be assured that Goodman Sparks will have something to fit the bill. Should you require any assistance in specifying and procuring the perfect washing machines, tumble dryers, commercial ironers and dishwashers for your business please contact us on or call us on 01142589614.

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