Christmas Washing for The Hospitality Sector

5 December 2017


Laundry is just one small part of the huge hospitality and leisure industry, but it’s one without which it cannot function. Imagine a hotel with no clean bed linen, or a restaurant out of fresh uniforms and tableware. Your customers expect the best, and cleanest experience when visiting your establishment and with Christmas just around the corner, expectations are even higher at this time of year.

While many businesses choose to outsource their laundry, there are distinct advantages to keeping it in house – especially at peak visitor times, like Christmas.

In House Laundry and Cleaning


In house laundries in are becoming more popular in hotels and large restaurants as businesses look to reduce costs incurred from sending out their laundry. Having your own laundry facilities puts you in charge of your operation, you would no longer have to wait for external turnaround times and you can manage your laundry to what is needed at the right time. 

In house laundry also puts you in complete control of the quality of your items and reduces the risk of lost items. The most important part of having your own laundry though, is that the money saved ultimately gives you a healthier bottom line.

Aside from washing machines, there are other appliances that can keep your business ticking over efficiently this Christmas. Tumble dryers to make sure uniforms and bed linen has the fastest possible turnaround time. Or how about glass washers to keep you in stock of clean glasses – vital for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, when everybody is knocking the drinks back! There is a whole lot more that goes on behind the scenes in a busy establishment than your average customer might expect.

Planning in Advance


Key to ensuring your in house laundry runs smoothly, and you don’t end up with a laundry disaster is planning, planning and more planning! Planning for increased numbers of visitors, and that your equipment is up to the job and reliable.

Many hospitality and leisure businesses these days use smart technology solutions that help predict and prepare for busy periods. If you have that technology, use it your advantage to get your laundry in order. For those smaller businesses that might not have taken advantage of computer systems yet, your experience in the industry will tell you just how crazy things can get at Christmas!

Part of ensuring that your in house laundry is up to scratch, is equipping yourself with the best washing machines and professional cleaning solutions in advance. You know the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’? That isn’t a risk you can afford to take when your customers are waiting and you run a busy hotel or restaurant.

Invest in a quality brand such as Mile professional, or Girbau and your worries will be eased in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong – at least it won’t be your laundry process! For any existing appliances, ensure that they’re  serviced regularly and you may even want to schedule in extra checks before you are too run off of your feet.

Washing Machines for the Hospitality Industry


If you are considering bringing your laundry in house, are in the need of more reliable appliances or plan an update in the new year, Goodman Sparks would be more than happy to help you. With many years’ experience working with hospitality and leisure industries, we can help you plan and design processes, and choose the right equipment.

In the meantime, if you need a quick overview on suitable appliances for your business type, our website features sections specifically for bars restaurants and catering, or hotels and B&B’s.

From commercial washing machines and rotary ironers, to glass and dish washers – we have everything you could need to keep your business running smoothly and sparkly clean this Christmas!  

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