Commercial Laundry Detergents & Auto Dosing

6 March 2018


You might know us as Sheffield’s number one provider of commercial laundry services and products,  but did you know that we also supply laundry detergent and auto dosing equipment? It makes sense after all, that if we supply washing machines we ought to be one hundred percent knowledgeable when it comes to what products to use in your new machines!

Goodman sparks Can Also Supply Detergents


Using high performance, good quality detergents, softeners and stain removing products is just as important as using a quality piece of equipment. This is especially true when it comes to hygiene; hospitals, for example, rely on their laundry not only looking clean but being free from any nasty germs.

We stopped supplying detergents back in 2009, due to us not being happy with the quality or performance of the supplies we had tested, and we were unsure of how best to run our supporting service.

As Goodman Sparks has been around for 45 years and built up a great reputation in Sheffield and the surrounding areas we didn’t want to risk that reputation with an inferior service which didn’t reflect our company values.

However, we are happy to report that it’s a different story today and that we now offer a range of laundry products from Cleenol – products we have trialled for quite a long time now in our own laundries. We are not only confident in the quality and performance of the products, but in our own detergent support service.

Cleenol Detergents


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Like us, Cleenol is an independent family-owned business. Perhaps a little bit older though, as they can trace their roots back to the early 1700s!

The company's detergent activities started during the Second World War when twin brothers ran the coal business from Birmingham. The Shell Chemical Company asked the brothers to try and sell their recent washing up liquid innovation Teepol to their existing customers.

Teepol was an instant success and after a short period of time, the brothers decided to divide the business, one taking the coal and the other taking the detergent. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Cleenol manufacture an extensive range of cleaning and hygiene products. Including the ones that we have trialled here at Goodman Sparks and found to provide excellent results.  

What is Auto Dosing?


Now that we and our customers can be confident in the performance of our detergent products, it makes sense to provide a way in which those products can be delivered to a washing cycle in a mess-free, easy way. This is where auto dosing comes in! 

Auto dosing is an easy and cost-effective way to achieve excellent laundry results.

An auto dose system will automatically feed a measured dose of liquid detergent and other chemicals into commercial laundry equipment/dishwashers at exactly the right moment during a cycle. Once set up, auto dosing can be left to do its thing, or manually adjusted for different loads types, heavily soiled items for example.

What are the benefits of auto dosing?


Auto-dosing benefits include;

  • Less mess and risk to the environment as the chance of detergent spillage is greatly reduced
  • No room for human error as the correct dose of each product is delivered each cycle
  • Product wastage is reduced because each dose is measured automatically  
  • Reduced accident risks as an auto dose system will reduce staff contact with chemicals
  • In most cases, auto dosing is more cost-effective than manual dosing with liquids and powders
  • Staff have more time for other duties as there is no need to measure out detergents anymore

Auto Dosing & Detergent Service


The reason we wanted to be able to offer an excellent quality detergent service is that it makes sense for our clients to be able to purchase cleaning products for their laundry equipment from us too, making us a one-stop shop for all commercial laundry needs.

By choosing to use us as your detergent and auto dosing equipment supplier it saves you the hassle of any back and forth between different companies should you ever encounter any problems.

The best part of our service?

We provide dosing equipment free of charge when you agree to a supply of our Cleenol detergents. Our service also includes us maintaining the dosing equipment; we provide an equipment service every six months, where will ensure your equipment is all working in tip-top condition and renew dosing tubes to ensure detergents are being delivered in the correct amounts.

Commercial Laundry Equipment from Goodman Sparks


We have a huge amount of experience in recommending and installing commercial laundry and auto dosing equipment and are also happy to give advice on the correct detergents to use.

We have a speedy response time and dedicated engineers who are able to retrofit auto dosing equipment to most types of machines should you wish to purchase your detergents from us.

If you would like a free, no obligation audit of your current commercial laundry equipment, get in touch. Email us at or phone on 0114 258 9614.

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