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14 November 2017


Here at Goodman Sparks, we are proud of our range of commercial laundry equipment. But did you know we also offer an installation and maintenance service?

We have a huge array of experience in advising and selecting the most appropriate commercial laundry equipment in a range of industries, from public sector bodies like the NHS and the armed forces, to private sector establishments, like public schools, racing stables, and care homes.

Here, we take a look at one of our case studies to illustrate how we do what we do.

Supplying Commercial Laundry Equipment to The Hesley Group


The Hesley Group provide residential living and schools for young people with learning needs and complex behavioural issues, such as autism. They provide care, educational and employment opportunities to their residents, as well as the chance to live independently, although supported, in single occupancy or small group houses.

Goodman Sparks were chosen to come and review the current commercial laundry equipment, as the machines in use were old, unreliable, and needed a lot of upkeep. They were also complicated to use, which was not ideal for the staff.

Why Choose Goodman Sparks?


The Hesley Group chose Goodman Sparks as they wanted a local company who could assist with the layout of the machines, to make sure they were easy for the staff to use and ensure they were the correct size for the locations. They also wanted a company who could provide speedy response times, as the time budget for the project was just two days. The centres process huge amounts of laundry every day, so being without facilities for longer was not an option.

commercial laundry equipment

The fact that we would remove the old machines, and offer comprehensive training on how to use the new machines was also an attraction for the Hesley Group.

Before we began, we went and completed a full audit of the space, and the requirements. We took into account any potential problems, and completed a full risk assessment. We made recommendations to the group, being mindful of budget, hygiene needs, and the amount of laundry processed each day. We were careful to make sure we helped them select the right machine that would allow for the best return on investment and make the laundry process smoother.

The Best Commercial Laundry Equipment For The Hesley Group


The Helsley Group like our Miele Professional range and chose two PW5105 washers with closed plinths, two PT8303 electric dryers, and an HM 16 80 rotary ironer.

The Miele Professional PW5105 Octoplus slimline washers were chosen for several reasons; the large doors meant staff could fit duvets and other bedding in with ease, and the thermos disinfection settings would ensure there was no risk of cross contamination. These machines are slim enough to fit through normal sized doors, which made them ideal for this setting, and meant we could fit them within the required timeframe without having to remove doorframes.

commercial laundry equipment

Like every Miele Professional product, these machines are thoroughly tested for up to 30,000 washes, making them the perfect choice for a company looking to maximise their return on the investment. And the energy efficiency helps to further the value for money these machines offer by using 30% less water and 16% less electricity, helping reduce operational costs as well as environmental impact.

The PT8303 dryers were also chosen for their slim line shape and simple controls. The client has been impressed with how efficient the dryers are, as they have noticed it doesn’t take as long to dry the clothes and bedding when operated on the energy saving cycle.

The Miele Professional rotary ironer was selected as a faster and more efficient way of processing items such as pillow cases, table linen and bedding without adding too much to the electricity bill since it operates from a 13 amp supply.

This ironer can also be folded away to save space in small areas, and have a patented finger guard, which helps to protect the staff.

The group have been very impressed with the speed and quality of the finished product for such a low-cost item.

How can Goodman Sparks Help You?


We have a huge amount of experience in recommending and installing commercial laundry equipment to a range of sectors, including healthcare, social care, veterinary services, and launderettes.

We also have a speedy response time and dedicated engineers who stay onsite until the job is done.

If you would like a free, no obligation audit of your current commercial laundry equipment, get in touch. You can fill in the enquiry form here, email us on or phone on 0114 258 9614.

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