Does your commercial laundry follow the guidelines for disinfection of linen?

26 April 2018


This document shows you the key points to look for when designing and using your commercial laundry, it also helps you ensure that your laundry is compliant with the current guidelines.

In 1995, the Department of Health issued a set of Health Service Guidelines called HSG (95)18, these outline commercial laundry arrangements for used and infected linen. These guidelines are the first reference point when discussing laundry requirements in a care environment.

The Department of Health’s framework has now been updated the new document “Choice Framework for local Policy and Procedures 01-04 – Decontamination of linen for health and social care: Guidance for linen processors implementing BS EN 14065” provides up-to-date information and guidance on the decontamination of linen for health and social care.

The new comprehensive guidelines are divided into four sections which cover all aspects of linen processing from equipment validation to management and procurement.


But what does that mean for you?


Well, in order to comply with government regulations, you’ll now need to adhere to the essential quality requirements mentioned in the CFPP 01-04 guide.

To help you understand these updates, Miele have created this ebook which outlines the changes that specifically affect the care home industry and how they can be implemented into your commercial laundry facilities.

The points mentioned in the guidelines are the minimum requirements/guidelines for safely processing linen in a care home/social care environment.

Firstly, an industrial/commercial-type washing machine capable of meeting the disinfection requirements mentioned in ‘Disinfection of linen’ within the ‘Management and Provision’ volume is required.

Once a washing machine (as mentioned previously) is procured, it must then be capable of carrying out a hot wash in line with CFPP 01-04 recommendations 71ºC for at least three minutes or 65ºC for at least ten minutes. If a hot wash is not appropriate (due to the material not being able to withstand washes at high temperatures) a chemical disinfection process may be adopted as long as it meets the requirements of ‘Disinfection of Linen’.

The washing machine’s disinfection stage must be validated at least once per year to prove it meets the requirements above (in accordance with the ‘Schedule of periodic tests’ within the ‘Engineering, Equipment and Validation’ volume).

When disinfection is required, there should be a separate designated laundry area specific for that purpose, and a workflow/procedure in place to ensure soiled/fouled linen is physically separated throughout the process.

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