Goodman Sparks at The World Cup

25 June 2018


So the World Cup is underway, the country expects and you’re keeping an eye on that team you drew in the office sweepstake and pulling on your favourite kit from years gone by. Four years of preparation come down to the next 31 days, but have you considered an unlikely hero? The commercial laundry industry.

Whilst your favourite players vie for a place in the team, kitmen and laundry staff are working hard to keep clubs looking on top form. Whereas the average fan may take this for granted, Goodman Sparks see the hard work first hand, supplying and maintaining equipment at both Sheffield United & Sheffield Wednesday.

These proud partnerships make the 2018 World Cup extra-special with the inclusions of Gary Cahill, Harry Maguire & Kyle Walker all formerly of Sheffield Utd as well as Jamie Vardy who’s career began in the youth academy of Sheffield Wednesday.

Maybe at this point you’re thinking, ‘what’s the point you’re trying to make here?’. Firstly it’s always nice to name drop and secondly, an efficient laundry system is key to a club running smoothly, but the line doesn’t stop at football. Since the beginning, Goodman Sparks have worked hand in hand with an array of sporting establishments in order to provide them with most efficient laundry systems.

Whether you need to wash those dirty rugby kits or keep the table linens crisp and white at your golf club, you can rest assured that Goodman Sparks have experience in specifying the perfect Commercial Laundry Equipment for the job. Equally as important to this may be your catering & hospitality services; Goodman Sparks have got your back on this one too with our range of high performance Miele Tank & Freshwater dishwashers, there’s something to suit whether you’re servings tens or hundreds of guests.

If you require any assistance with the design or specification of your laundry/dishwashing facilities, please get in touch with our sales team on 0114 258 9614.

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