Goodman Sparks & Cleenol

17 April 2018


During the summer of 2017, Goodman Sparks began a partnership with the highly regarded cleaning and hygiene company, Cleenol. After many requests from our customer base, Goodman Sparks decided to enter the market of Laundry Detergents and Dosing Solutions. In order to continue the high level of service given to our customers, it seemed only natural to bring along a worldwide distributor with the highest quality products and the highest level of aftercare and service. This is where Cleenol come in to the picture, after many years of using their products at our own launderettes in Sheffield, we decided that it was time to offer this service for our customers old and new to use in their own laundries.

Following the introduction of the Cleenol product and service in to our ever increasing and flexible product line we have seen a great response with many customer choosing to switch supplier after seeing the great results offered and not to mention the cost savings! So whether you’re an existing customer or another company supplies your commercial laundry equipment, there really is no harm in checking whether Goodman Sparks and Cleenol could improve your wash quality, lower your utility bills and cut down detergent spends.

One of the first customers to take on our detergent dosing was Kirklees Council who manage a number of Care Homes across the Huddersfield area. When representatives of the Council first met with our Business Development Manager, they were satisfied with their current supplier and were happy paying the prices given. Shortly after we asked if we could run some tests with the experts at Cleenol in to the quality and value of our competitors product. After conducting a thorough survey at every home, we found that through the use of Cleenol’s high quality products we could save some homes over 50% per wash. How is that possible I hear you ask? Thanks to the high concentration of Cleenol’s laundry detergents we are able to dose a much smaller amount of the liquid in to each wash, couple the with the fact we are always trying to keep the price of our product in line with those on the market and the savings really do show.

Earlier in the article I touched upon utility bills and how the use of the right products can help lower costs. There’s a very good reason for this and it comes from a very special product. Cleenol’s Crystalbrite Low Temperature Destain isn’t only a great alternative to Peroxide based detaining products it also provides 99.9% bug kill whilst washing at only 30°C. This option gives our customers the ability to produce great results in their laundry whilst also saving on the time consuming and costly high temperature washes usually used when thermally disinfecting.

If after reading this you’re considering how Goodman Sparks and Cleenol could improve your commercial laundry processing, why not call us on 01142589614 or email for a free audit.

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