Goodman Sparks, experts in Commercial Managed Student Laundries

5 October 2018


The summers over and the students are back at university, while it may seem early, now is the time for estates managers and purchasing departments to be thinking what their plans are for next year and how are the students going to manage their laundry.

Goodman Sparks have been running commercial managed laundry systems since the 70’s, in fact one of our founders, Roger Sparks, even claims we were the inventors of the managed laundry business with a managed laundry at Sheffield University over 40 years ago.

Managed laundry contracts have changed a lot since then and with the introduction of cashless systems may even start to decline now that universities can manage their own equipment with ease, but while managed laundries are needed Goodman Sparks will be around to offer expert advice and lead the market with new and innovative solutions.

No matter your need Goodman Sparks can supply a managed laundry for sites ranging from small blocks of flats to large student villages and university campuses.

Goodman Sparks new Nayax cashless system makes using the student laundries as easy as can be.  Students can now pay for their laundry using contactless technology on their existing bank card or with a payment system on their phones.  This eliminates the old-fashioned way of topping up a laundry specific card and tying up your precious student cash supply.

Combining this with top of the range laundry equipment and Goodman Sparks excellent aftercare will see you Managed Laundry operating at high efficiency for many years to come.

If you require any assistance with the design or specification of your own commercial managed laundry, please get in touch with our sales team on 0114 258 9614 or email us at

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