Hotels: Take Control

18 July 2018


You may think that a warm welcome, an attractive hotel and top quality facilities are the most important factors in leaving a good impression on guests however, a survey carried out by Miele Professional found that it was in fact a good bed that tops the list of priorities according to hotel workers. Despite this it is all too common that the quality and cleanliness of bedding isn’t living up to the expectations of guests.

The survey, carried out by market research company Sapio found the results detailed below:

Rooms & Hygiene

Workers identified that room and bedding cleanliness were the number one priorities for their guests, a factor regarded higher in priority than value for money, star rating, good facilities and a warm welcome. This was backed by 88% of participants who agreed that the bedroom serviced by a well run laundry were key to a positive guest experience in UK establishments.

Despite the above sounding like an obvious points, it is all too commonly ignored. The second most likely point of customer cleanliness complaints was found to be regarding staining on bed linens.

A Well Run Laundry

The survey also found that running and managing laundry operations from within a hotel is key to maintaining laundry standards, hygiene and cleanliness. 54% of staff responded that reliability was the top priority when specifying on premise laundries, Miele can provide reassurance to this idea with machines that are tested to 30000 cycles.

Finding consistency and managing day to day operations is the most common point of pain when running hotels whilst always looking to meet guest demands. A surprisingly large part of this pain is found within the laundry with 88% of respondents agreeing that poor laundry impacts guest experience more than any other operational area.

Quality Control

Many hotels seem to suffer from quality and hygiene control issues related to the outsourcing of laundry. Of the sample, 76% using offsite laundries chose to send both their towels and linen. Despite the fact that we have highlighted the importance of quality and cleanliness, only 37% were highly satisfied with quality of service and 54% with clean it was generally.

One of the most common complains in hotels is that of stained bedding, this amounts to wasted time and man power used to change soiled bedding. By bringing your process in house, quality control can be managed by hotel staff ensuring less time wasted. The improvement of these processes will in turn improve customers’ first and lasting impressions of the hotel.

It can not be underestimated how significant the laundry method a hotel chooses can be. Not only can the correct procedure make processes easier for staff, I can most importantly improve guest experience. Goodman Sparks can help you find the perfect process for reliability, ease of operation and durability. If you’re wondering whether this is something you’d like to discuss or are interested in our ironer & dishwashing ranged, please call us on 01142589614.

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