How to Care For Christmas Party Outfits and Textiles

28 November 2017


Christmas can be a real headache with presents to buy, a menu to plan and a million other things. So what you are going to wear to your black tie event, laundering Christmas textiles or getting the spare guest room ready, might have just slipped your mind. Luckily, we have put together a handy guide and reminder for all things textile, dry cleaning and laundering at Christmas.


Taking Care of Party Clothes


Have you ever taken out your favourite dress or best suit before a big party or fancy dinner and had the nightmare of finding a stain? What a bother when you have no time left for the dry cleaners and nothing else to wear! Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve or the night before a fancy dinner to get out your party best and discover stains or smells. Carefully planning and checking your garments now will give you ample time to get them to the dry cleaners.

Evening gowns  - cleaning an evening dress can be a tricky business depending on he fabric it’s made from, and nine times out of ten, it’s not something you should be attempting at home. Your friendly local dry cleaner should be happy to advise you on what sort of treatment your dress needs – especially with fabrics like chiffon, silk, or heavily beaded and sequined garments.

Dresses made from fabrics such as velvet should always be professionally dry cleaned an it’s a good idea to get into the habit of checking your clothing after you have worn it, rather than waiting until you want to wear it again! Certain stains may need removing straight away even if they look clear at first – champagne is notorious for this. You spill a drop and cant see anything, so think ‘no harm done!’, until you discover a nice yellow stain six months later where the champagne has oxidised!

Tuxedos and suits - if you aren’t a regular suit or tuxedo wearer, then you might not be familiar with the cleaning and care of these garments. If you are wondering how often to get your tux dry cleaned, the answer is actually as little as possible or less than you think! Most woollen suits only need to be cleaned once every 3 months, and that’s with regular wear. A one off suit like a tuxedo or your best suit may just require spot cleaning as and when you have stained it or the entire suit to be cleaned if it has any odours (think cigarette smoke – yuk!).

If your suit jacket is just creased, then it will need pressing before an event – don’t try to do this at home though! Take your jacket to a professional dry cleaner, who will iron your garments without causing any damage, like burning the wool.


Caring for Christmas Textiles


What are Christmas textiles we hear you say? You might have more than you think and in order for them to see many more Christmases,  it’s imperative that you care for them correctly:


Stuffed and soft toys – who doesn’t have cuddly reindeer or squishy snowman? If you have stuffed toys that only see the light of day at Christmas then they may be a little dusty. A spin in the tumble dryer will sort them out and knock off the dust.


Table linens, napkins and runners – check the care labels for individual items. A table cloth will withstand the washing machine and will probably  need it. But many decorative table runners are usually made from delicate materials and have embellishments so will need washing by hand.


Christmas jumpers and outfits – depending on the materials they could be ok to put in the washing machine. Woollen Christmas jumpers will probably need washing by hand though. Don’t forget, if your jumper or fancy dress outfit needs a facelift– most dry cleaners offer a repair and alterations service – it doesn’t cost as much as you might think either.


Christmas tree skirts and stockings – many items of this type are usually family treasures and hand crafted, so it’s important to treat them carefully. Materials like felt, velvet or anything that features needlepoint will need to be professionally dry cleaned.


Getting The House Ready For Christmas


Do you have a lot of visitors over at Christmas? If the answer is yes, then it would be fair to say that you’ll want your home to look and feel clean -  in addition to feeling welcoming and Christmassy of course!

There's a lot to prepare for, so start to think about it now.


If you are thinking of washing your curtains or cushion covers and they are made from a light fabric, they should be ok to go in the washing machine. Heavy curtains and drapes however, should be treated with care. A good option is to take them to the dry cleaners – they will be able to take care of the curtains for you and save you the hassle of washing and drying.


Are you having guests overnight? If so, you will need to ensure that clean bedding, linens and towels are available. Many domestic washing machines are not equipped for large or heavy loads, so if you have a lot to wash, or need duvets or blankets washing, then save time (and your poor washing machine!) by taking the items to a laundrette. Leave the washing in their capable hands while you try and finish the Christmas shopping!


Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services Sheffield


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