How to clean your cuddly toys on Teddy Bear Day

9 September 2018

As today is national Teddy bear day I thought it would be wise to put together a quick article on the washing of our kids’ favourite friends.

I myself have kids and any parent will tell you that these guys go through some tough times in keeping our little ones (and sometimes not so little ones) happy.  Ours have seen through some wild adventures from being dropped in puddles to helping our youngsters through bouts of illness.  Over time cuddly toys do become a little worse for wear and as we put it in our house, it’s time for them to visit the Spa for a refresh.

Now I know this is a website for Commercial Laundry Equipment and I know that buying a commercial washing machine may be a bit excessive and overkill for this case alone, but I thought I would give you some pointers all the same.

Below are some tips to help you get your cuddly toys looking their best

·         First and most importantly don’t let the children see you putting them in the washing machine. 

o   One, this is a safety issue depending on the age of your kids and level of belief in their cuddly friend you don’t want them getting any ideas about getting in to the machine themselves. 

o   Two, nothing is more traumatising than letting your kids think you waterboarded their friend as they go around and around face pressed to the glass door.

·         Always check to see if the cuddly toy has a label with washing instructions.  Most of the time this will give you instructions on how to best take care of their toy.

·         If the toy needs more than just the recommended surface wash most labels state, try and be as gentle with the toy as possible, ways of doing this include

o   Wash in the machine on a delicate wash.

o   Use a low spin cycle or none at all.

o   Put the toy in a pillow case and put some towels in the drum with the toy.  This protects it significantly from the motion of the paddles in the drum.

·         Remember to use the correct detergent.  Your children are going to be holding this close to their skin, treat it like you would treat their clothes to make sure there are no irritants.

·         While some people do use I tumble dryer I always used to line dry.  You don’t want to be the parent that melts their best pal.

While this list is common sense as a parent it is something we all have to face, a little bit of extra information never hurt anyone.  If you do have a particularly challenging case, be it the size of the toy or the material please give us a call here at Goodman Sparks, we will always be happy to help and if you are close enough we may even be able to help out in our Laundries in Sheffield.  Feel free to contact us on 0800 988 8058.


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