International Beer Week

1 August 2018


The beer and pub industry in Britain contributes £23.1 billion to the British economy each year.

That’s according to a new report by Oxford Economics, commissioned by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA). Despite this huge income, many pubs often try save money on dish & glass washing. But is this money saving exercise worth your reputation? We think not.

In today’s world of internet reviews and social media it is now more important than ever to ensure all of your glassware, cutlery and crockery is hygienic and spotlessly cleaned. First impressions are key and with the use of technology you may often find that it is not your actions that make this, it is the word of someone else. With all this considered, is using budget warewashing equipment worth the risk?

So what is the solution you ask? We think we have the answer. The new tank dishwashers from Miele Professional have specific programmes for all kinds of wash items and for every level of soiling. All the important parameters (e.g. wash duration, temperature and wash pressure) are carefully aligned ex works and can be individually adjusted. So your finest champagne flutes are washed just as reliably and gently as plates with dried-on food deposits.

Not only do the Miele tank dishwashers provide the ultimate in performance and versatility, they are also a leading manufacturer in efficiency. The tank dishwashers from Miele Professional combine high wash performance with the highest level of efficiency possible. The use of water, energy and detergent is already very economical in the standard programmes and in the eco-programmes it sinks to the absolute minimum. The high-quality construction ensures that the machines also have a particularly long service life and require remarkably little maintenance, which makes them the first choice for discerning consumers with regard to economy and efficiency.

If the above hasn’t already convinced, maybe you need to consider the Reverse Osmosis features offered by Miele for the ultimate results in glassware cleaning. Integrated reverse osmosis brings further benefits to the new tank dishwashers from Miele Professional. Minerals and salts that cause hardness issues are automatically removed from water in the machine. Water in the final rinse runs off the load without a trace. The result is spotless glassware, cutlery and crockery that does not need to be polished afterwards. The reverse osmosis system is space-saving - it is built into a drawer in the plinth of the machine it is easy to service and maintain. Its' controls are fully integrated with those of the machine. This complete system is high effective and also includes the innovative PerfectWater function, which prevents the water reattracting minerals and salts and so ensures optimum quality of the water even if there are long pauses between wash cycles. This level of technology and perfection from Miele is what gives them endorsements from industry partners such as high quality glassware producers RIEDEL.


Should you require any assistance whilst specifying your new glass or dishwasher, please contact us on 01142589614 or email where our sales team will advise you of any offers such as 50% off selected models, while stocks last!

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