Joking Around with Commercial Laundry

1 July 2018


We all know that today is International Joke Day, don’t we?

No, I didn’t either, but in the commercial Laundry world we all like to have a good laugh to keep us sane.  So, we thought it would be a good idea to showcase the best laundry and washing based jokes from around the web.  

Below are the best (and worst) Jokes that we could find and tediously link to the Commercial Laundry Industry, we apologise in advance.

  • I decided to change my washing powder. It’s a bold move.
  • A Friend told me he had set up business washing mice & rats. Thought it was dodgy at first, then realised it was squeaky clean.
  • Took a friend to the cleaners the other day. His washing machine had broken.
  • Had a race to see who could hang out the washing quickest.  It was level pegging.
  • Took a risk washing my clothes when there was a chance of rain. I put it all on the line.
  • A friend did a PhD in Washing Machines. He’s a Spin Doctor.
  • A friend of mine invented a washing machine for bank notes. It’s a real money spinner.
  • Kirk asked Spock what sort of washing powder he uses.  “That’s biological, captain”.
  • How much fun is doing your laundry? Loads.
  • Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel. But you know what that means… more laundry!


This one is quite specific to the commercial washing machines

Why was the washing machine laughing? Because it was taking the p**s out of the pants!


So, there you go, I hope they raised a smile or two.

However, if you have any better ones feel free to get in touch or If you require any assistance with the design or specification of your own commercial laundry/dishwashing facilities, please get in touch with our sales team on 0114 258 9614 or email us at

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