Miele Professional Launches New Tank Dishwasher Range

25 April 2016


Miele Professional has expanded their range of commercial dishwashers with the launch of three new under counter tank models.

Special features include programmes tailored to deal with specific loads and degrees of soiling. Users can choose from cycles designed for wine and beer glasses, mixed crockery or pots and pans.

Adjustable spray pressures and flexible cycle times and temperatures mean items ranging from glassware to tableware are cleaned thoroughly but gently. In addition, final rinse water volumes and detergent concentrations have been optimised to make the machines as energy efficient as possible. The new programme cycles have been designed to deliver the ultimate wash.

With short cycles lasting only 45-55 seconds, the tank glass washers are able to cope with huge quantities of glassware. The tank range not only ensures quick cycle times, , but also has a high capacity and is able to handle 80 baskets per hour.

The new range is simple to use, with an intuitive touch display to select programmes. A further feature includes the ability to select different languages, and a colour-coded start button which provides information on the status of the cycle as it changes colour from red to green or blue.

With two spray arms for washing and rinsing, the new tank washer ensures excellent results. A four-fold filtration system constantly filters the water in circulation. Thanks to the hygienic, cove-cornered design of the cabinet, it is impossible for dirt to accumulate in corners. Safety functions such as integrated spray arm and filter monitoring detect possible problems at an early stage and relay their findings to the display.
The three new models can be used as free-standing units or installed below a worktop. With their reduced height of only 72.5 cm, two models are designed as behind-the-counter glass washers: the 46cm wide PG 8164 with its own new basket system is perfect where space is tight. Greater capacity is offered by the PG 8165 with a width of 60cm.
The larger tank washer, the PG 8166, with a height of 82cm, is designed for all types of mixed crockery loads.. New accessories including an undercarriage for baskets as well as drip trays add further value to these products.


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