Special Rental Offers!

25 April 2016


We have some special rental offers on our range of smaller Commercial Machines which we would be delighted to pass on to our customers.


Package 1 - 6kg Washers From £18 per week

Package 2 - 6kg Dryers From £14 per week

Package 3 - Rotary Ironers From £11 per week

Care home package - 8kg Washers & Dryers From £47 per week


We would be happy to put a quote together for you incorporating these offers.

Just give us a call on 0114 2589614

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The models included in this offer are 

Miele PW6055Miele PW6065Miele PT7135cMiele PT7136Miele HM16-80Miele HM16-83Miele PW6080Miele PT7186

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