Vets: Regulations & Reliability

4 July 2018


Have you recently considered the role of cleanliness and hygiene in your laundry processes? Well maybe it’s time you should. Alongside good service and price, customers of vets have been found to value this as a matter of the highest priority. Whether this is clean uniforms or stain and infection free bedding and towels, there’s a chance your domestic machine isn’t reflecting your business in the way you would wish. According to Miele Professional research, over half of vets found using domestic machines simply aren’t aware of the benefits of a commercial washing machine e.g. WRAS approval (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) and compliance to their regulations. Within a commercial environment a domestic machine would not qualify for a warranty however commercial machines do with the added benefit of being much more robust and durable; this is key when considering longer term costs.

Factors to consider

When designing a laundry system within a veterinary practice there are many factors to consider, the first of these being your workflow. Within this you need to calculate how often you wash and how much washing there is regularly, as well as the storage space required for clean and dirty items. Secondly, you should consider location and where your commercial laundry system would fit in the practice. This is often a sticking point for some vets however Goodman Sparks have a vast variety of options, some of which can be accommodated in the most restricting spaces (as small as 1m² is required for a machine). Finally it is important to consider the value of the garments being washed, the use of a cheaper domestic machine could cause damage expensive pet bedding and lead to repairs/early replacement. Investing in a high robust, reliable and high quality machine could ensure you have the capacity required to manage your workload effectively.

Why commercial?

Any fitting that will carry or receive water from a public mains water supply must comply with UK Water Supply regulations and Scottish Water Byelaws. Different businesses are affected by different levels of WRAS regulations. In the case of Vets, WRAS category 5 applies due to the potential of animal waste contamination in laundry. Miele professional have ensured that their entire commercial laundry range is category 5 approved ensuring their customers meet all relevant legal requirements. Commercial machines are equipped to filter and capture animal hair during a washing cycle and come in range of sizes to suit all requirements whether you’re washing towels or horse blankets. Reliability is key to a successful business operation, thankfully machines such as the Miele range are tested to 30,000 cycles meaning not only will they last longer than a domestic, a commercial washing machine could save you money in the long run from avoiding regular replacement of domestic machines.

Which machine for me?

When choosing commercial laundry equipment required for your Vets, it is important to look for reliable and efficient machines with fast cycles and great ease of use. Goodman Sparks can help you to specify the perfect equipment for you, with full load wash and dry cycles in just 90 minutes. If you require any assistance with the design or specification of your laundry/dishwashing facilities, please get in touch with our sales team on 0114 258 9614.


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