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26 September 2017


In the hidden history of modern civilisation, cleanliness plays a leading role. We’re not being pompous about laundering and dishwashing here, just pointing out the importance of keeping things clean in our world.

Wanting to keep clean, and to keep things around us clean, is a basic instinct and it’s what has marked our development through history, as people’s living and working conditions have improved, with a better quality of life, and improved life expectancy.

The world is a sophisticated place in the 21st century. We’re all interconnected and we have expectations around our personal comfort and the state of our surroundings. But here’s a thing: there’s isn’t an app for your laundry and dishwashing. Keeping things clean – clothing, bedding and the rest – will always involve real-world activity.

Yes, it can be a dirty job, but it’s what needs happen on so that the rest of the world can go about its daily business feeling clean, and encountering good levels of cleanliness in the workplace, when socialising or at home.

Helping you to keep things clean is our job. We supply high quality commercial  laundry and dishwashing systems – this means the equipment and servicing that so many businesses in the service and leisure sectors rely on, every day.

We’ve been around since 1971 and we know this business inside out, so much so that we have our own professional dry cleaning service. So, when you talk to us about what you need, we understand, because we know what being in the business of keeping things clean means.

Laundry Help for Services and Institutions


We supply and support a variety of organisations, institutions and businesses with commercial laundry equipment, servicing and installation. In the healthcare sector, NHS trusts and private health providers, and nursing and care homes rely heavily on their laundry services as part of their essential infrastructure.

There are Department of Health regulations that govern infection control and the decontamination of linen for health and social care, along with a Water Regulation Advisory Scheme contributing to the protection of public health.

We’re on hand to work closely with our customers in the healthcare sector to provide them with the means to meet these regulations, and to make sure they’re fully supported in carrying out their duty of care. As part of this, we offer a free laundry audit, to help ensure that the processes and equipment they use are suitable for the task, and in good working order.

Emergency services have heavy laundry demands, naturally, so where they have onsite laundry machines, we’re ready to offer support, servicing and any other help we can.

For schools and colleges, we can supply single commercial washing machines to fitting out a full laundry room, while ensuring that what they have is the most efficient, cost-effective means of giving them what they need.

Schools and colleges also need the right equipment when it comes to doing the washing up – all those hungry kids at lunchtime – so we have a range of dishwashers suitable for small, medium or large education sites. There are also veterinary practices who rely on commercial laundry solutions to ensure the sick and injured animals they look after are kept in clean, infection-free surroundings.

Supporting the Service Sector


Restaurants, bars and hotels all rely heavily on the behind-the-scenes diligence of their laundry and dishwashing services – any establishment, however swish on the outside, simply cannot afford to get this wrong, or let standards slip.

In an age of social media and negative feedback and reviews apt to spread like wildfire, more than ever cleanliness is reputation-critical in the service and hospitality sector.

For many hotels, having their own in-house laundry service makes sense because they can exert full control over cleaning, whether it’s bed linen or uniforms. We’re on hand to ensure these facilities have the kit that can meet their considerable demands, and that, once installed, they continue to run efficiently and reliably.

For bars, restaurants and other catering sites, we offer a range of dishwashing solutions, to keep their services flowing smoothly, even at their times of highest demand.

There are other service sector businesses, such as campsites and holiday parks, which can benefit from investing in their own coin-operated laundry services. We’re keen to help them implement these changes, and to give them the necessary installation and servicing support so that they can see a return on their investment sooner rather than later.

Our Products


As a founding member of the Miele Professional Partnership, we can offer the full range of

Miele’s professional laundry and dishwashing products. These come with our own, Miele-accredited engineering support as part of a comprehensive after-sales service.

In addition, we supply other leading brands such as Electrolux, Primus, Ipso and Huebsch.

Businesses and sites have their own specific requirements to meet the demands of what they do, and it’s important to us that we can provide them with the right range of options, and recommend a commercial laundry or dishwashing solution that’s right for them.

We’ll provide a free, no obligation site survey, so that we know we’re recommending the best solution for a specific location.

When you choose us, we put a dedicated installation team onsite with its own project coordinator. All our installation engineers are fully, professionally trained and Gas Safe registered.

Our prices include full installation, involving any extension of plumbing, gas, electrical and ducting services to your onsite laundry facilities.

Customer Service and After-care Support


Finding the right solution to laundry and dishwashing is one thing, but it’s also vital that our customers have the full confidence in their appliances, because we know how heavily they rely on them.

We’ve got expertly trained engineers to undertake repairs and servicing, and when it comes to fixing your equipment, we aim to complete all repairs within 24 hours of hearing from you. Our engineers are happy to stay onsite after hours to ensure they sort your issues out.

Get In Touch


Commercial laundry and dishwashing facilities and appliances are the engine room for many businesses and organisations, from the hospitality sector to essential services. They need to work with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Find out how we can help you keep things clean. Give us a call on 0800 988 8058, or email info@goodmansparks.co.uk

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