2 May 2018

How Does Hard Water Affect Your Laundry?

If you aren’t getting great results from your domestic or commercial washing machine then you may have an issue with hard water.

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26 April 2018

Does your commercial laundry follow the guidelines for disinfection of linen?

This document show you the key points to look for when designing and using your commercial laundry, it also helps you ensure that your laundry is compliant with the current guidelines.

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17 April 2018

Goodman Sparks & Cleenol

An introduction into the partnership between Goodman Sparks and the cleaning and hygiene experts, Cleenol.

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4 April 2018

Commercial Laundry Setting’s Guide to Removing Stubborn Stains

If you work in a commercial laundry setting, chances are you have come across some pretty stubborn stains. As suppliers of commercial laundry machines, we have too, so here is our easy guide to getting rid of the top 3 stains for good, w...

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28 March 2018

Easter Promotion

Welcome to our Easter promotion, lets see who can win a fantastic Lindt Gold Bunny Egg!

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15 March 2018

How To Put Your Care Home A Cut Above The Rest

Take a look at Miele Professional's guide to home management, energy efficiency and the regulations effecting your laundry facility.

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