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Do you know the law regarding laundry & dishwasher’s processes within the NHS, mental health, and private healthcare environment?

Here at Goodman Sparks we have been working with NHS trusts and private health providers for over 40 years. Over these year’s there has been many changes to the regulations that dictate which type of machines you can use to the way that you process your linen & crockery.

Why not let us be your experts and advise you on the correct equipment and processes for your environment?

Current regulations

DOH Health and social care act 2015 (revised 2015) for infection control

  • Applies to all NHS Bodies and providers of independent healthcare
  • Law states must be taken in to account by CQC when making decisions about registration.
  • Code is not mandatory, so providers do not have to comply with the code by law. Although the provider may be able to demonstrate that it meets the regulations in a different way (equivalent or better) from that described in this document.

Health Technical Memorandum 01-04: Decontamination of linen for health and social care

  • Supersedes CFPP01-04
  • DOH published in March 2016 with regards to infection control in laundry processing. It brings together all of the best practice processes that a laundry should carry out in order to reduce the risk of cross contamination and infection, and amalgamates all earlier versions of laundry guidance and incorporates and supersedes HSG(95)18.

Water Regulation Advisory Scheme

  • The purpose of WRAS is to contribute to the protection of public health by preventing contamination of public water supplies and encouraging the efficient use of water by promoting and facilitating compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations.
  • All commercial properties should have machines that meet with fluid category 3, but in healthcare environments this will increase to category 5. Often only fully commercial washing machines and dishwashers will be compliant for level 5.

What do these regulations mean for your workplace?

Your infection control department probably has well established policies in place, but in short you must do the following;

  • The type and level of soiling will dictate the required laundry wash processes that should be used, and sites should regularly review their procedures to ensure compliance with the requirements.
  • It is the responsibility of the person handling the linen to ensure that it is segregated appropriately into the correct washing process.
  • Soiled items should be placed into a water-soluble bag or placed directly in a white impermeable laundry bag for transport to the laundry before being washed at the highest suitable temperature in accordance with the garment care label.
  • Where resident’s laundry may pose an infection risk, the enhanced washing process should be used. This requires that upon removal, items should be immediately sealed in a red water-soluble bag, which should then be placed in an impermeable or nylon/polyester bag carrying the wording ‘Infectious linen’.
  • For sites handling soiled linen the guidelines include the requirement for a commercial washing machine capable of meeting the disinfection requirements. Thermal disinfection is recommended (holding the linen at 71ºC for at least 3 minutes or 65ºC for at least 10 minutes) or a chemical disinfection process may be used. This should be professionally installed and maintained

How we can help

We can offer a full free of charge laundry audit which includes looking at your current process and equipment. From this we will be able to offer you advice on possible improvements on your process, laundry lay out and suitability of your equipment.

We are already helping many Trusts meet these regulations including Greater Manchester Mental Health, Pennine Care NHS Trust, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and St. Andrews Healthcare.

"Goodman Sparks provide Greater Manchester Mental Health with an excellent service in Maintaining, Supplying and Installing Miele washing machines dryers and dishwashers. For a number of years they have provided expert assistance on providing the correct machine in keeping GMHT compliant with CQC, Infection control and Water Regulations. Their advice has been invaluable and all with a lovely smile."

John Warburton
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Manager
Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

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