Schools,College & University

At Goodman Sparks we can cater for any facility needed in the education sector.  From a single commercial washing machine offering the facilities to wash your school team’s kit to a full laundry room for long stay students at boarding schools and universities.

We can supply you with the most up to date and relevant information to help you make the best informed decision possible about the most economical route to manage your education laundry solution.

Below are some examples of equipment we have used in the education sector which may be relevant to your site.

Small education sites

IPSO Light Washer & Dryer Miele HM16-83 Ironer Miele PG8056 Speed+ Dishwasher Miele Professional Option

Medium education Sites

Girbau HS6008 Washer Gribau ED260 Dryer Electrolux Ironer Miele PG8166 Tank Dishwasher Miele Professional Option

Large education Sites

Primus FX135 Washer Huebsch H0350 Dryer Electrolux Ironer Miele PG8166 Tank Dishwasher Miele Professional Option