Deangate is a 50 bed residential Care Home situated in Mapplewell, South Yorkshire providing nursing services for the elderly including dementia and physical disabilities.  It is part of the Hill Care group.

The laundry room is a key part of any busy home of this size and so Anthony Disney, Estates Manager for Hill Care first contacted Goodman Sparks to investigate a problem with the tumble dryers on site. Unfortunately we found both dryers on site to be beyond economic repair so we quickly carried out a full site survey and drew up a recommendation for a revamped layout.  A laundry room doesn’t just need functioning machines – they have to be the right machines and in a suitable layout to ensure the smooth running for the laundry room.  Our 3-D drawings made it easy for Anthony and his team to visualise the new layout.

The specification put forward was for 2 x 13kg Girbau washers combined with the 2 x Huebsch GO350 electric tumble dryers.  These are both tried and tested brands that we know from experience can withstand the rigours of a care home laundry room.

To achieve the optimum layout of the room, and to meet current  specifications we designed and installed a new ducting system for the dryers to replace the original plastic and undersized metal ducting.
The first job was to remove all equipment from the room and lay a new floor as the old one was in a very poor condition.  This is a service we provide at Goodman Sparks utilising our own fitters who operate under the trading name of Mastercare.

Once the machines were installed in the new layout, training sessions were held for staff and they were very quickly up and running with a much improved flow of clean and dirty laundry.

Anthony Disney commented on how pleased he was with the smoothness and professionalism of the whole process, from surveys through to installation and training. 

“It was a big help to leave Goodman Sparks to manage the whole refurbishment process without the need for me to co-ordinate the floor replacement with another company”…. “The laundry process now runs so much better than in the past, and on the odd occasion when the machines do develop a fault I know that the Goodman Sparks engineers will respond fast and are a skilled bunch of lads that get us back running in no time at all”

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