The Hesley Group

Established in 1975, The Hesley Group provides flexible, specialist residential services and schools for young people and adults, often with autism, who have a learning disability and complex needs with behaviour that may challenge.

Hesley Group was looking for an upgrade to their laundry systems as their current machines were getting old and unreliable. The dated system was too complicated to operate, with lint filter sensors that were consistently blocking and needing to be reset.

They were looking for a local company with fast and efficient response times to help with the upgrade. The group wanted a dealership who could offer three things: assistance with planning the layout of the laundry and ensuring that correct sized machines were installed; removal of the old machines and full installation of the replacements; and a comprehensive training session to show staff how to operate the new machines.

The entire operation needed to stick to a tight time scale. The old machines had to be removed and the new units installed inside just two working days. Due to the sheer amount of laundry that is processed daily, the group could not be without a laundry for any longer.

Hesley Group appointed Miele Professional dealer, Goodman Sparks, who worked with them to deliver the service they required within the time frame. All potential issues were discussed and solutions pre-planned to ensure that the upgrade took place as smoothly as possible. The dealership worked closely with the care group, advising that Miele Professional laundry equipment would match their needs. The group installed two PW5105 washers with closed plinths, two PT 8303 electric dryers and an HM 16 80 rotary ironer.

The Miele Professional PW5105 Octoplus slimline washers were chosen for a number of reasons, not only because they could easily fit through doors without the need for door frames being removed. These particular machines also have very simple controls for staff to operate, as well as a range of wash cycles to suit the requirements for the laundry items. Staff often need to wash bulky items such as duvets and bedding, which is made more manageable by the large door on the machines. Like many care groups, Hesley Group has an energy saving policy in place which is adhered to by the energy saving wash cycles on these washers. Miele Professional is at the forefront of innovation, with energy saving a leading aspect of product development. The PW5105 Octoplus washer-extractor uses 30% less water and 16% less electricity, helping reduce operational costs as well as environmental impact.

Likewise, the PT8303 dryers were chosen for their slim line shape and simple controls. The efficiency of the dryers has impressed the care group, who have noticed a vast reduction in drying times when operating the machine on the energy saving drying cycle.

The Miele Professional rotary ironer was selected as a faster and more efficient way of processing items such as pillow cases, table linen and bedding without adding too much to the electricity bill since it operates from a 13 amp supply. The group have been very impressed with the speed and quality of the finished product for such a low cost item.

Miele Laundry Equipment

Emma Jenkins, Health and Safety Manager from Hesley Group commented,

“We are delighted with the reliable and efficient service provided by Goodman Sparks, who consulted us at every step along the way and provided all the necessary support to fit our strict requirements. The Miele Professional equipment has revolutionised the laundry, reducing the time it takes to process items as well as cutting our energy consumption. All in all, it has been a very successful upgrade and we would absolutely recommend Miele Professional machines.”


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